iPhone In France : some details

June 19th, Orange exceptionnaly opened his store during the night. Orange still have exclusivity for selling the new model (3GS) in the hexagon for 2 weeks only. Prices of the new models start at 149 euros and 229 euros for 32Gb. It is possible to find a custommer facility program named « Change your mobile », clients must have 2400 points available to change for a newest iPhone with special price.
Origami Packages proposed are  from 29 to 55 euros (with unlimited internet, 60 tv channels via 3G, free Orange Hotspots)for all packages, calls conversation only change regarding the price.

SFR (second main national Operator) will propose the second model , with similar purposes (tv and net include 24H/day).
Bouygues (3rd and last operator) will propose it too, but the 3G link of the providor is limited in the country.
Prices are about to be cheaper, with less functions.

And few more infos :

Orange already sold 1 million iPhone, and until official arrival in France
SFR announced in April 2008, sold  160 000 units
Bouygues the third mobile tel operator about 90 000 units.

The national Mobile telephony organization (named ARCEP) is about to open the  market for financial propositionsabout selling the last fourth licence operating. Free, internet second French operator is the best positionned to acquire it, wants it for a while …more news in Spetember 2009.

Below, here are two pictures of the Camps Elysées Orange boutique in Paris :

Mini Post : TV in FRANCE

Not a big deal but froml Saturday (live prime time), the TV Show named Secret Story (Endemol France) started his 2nd season on TF1, first National Channel.
Candidates do live together in a house with everything (big swiming pool, Spa, food…confort!) but each buddy has a secret (original one, like the last season where we had to discover a lesbian couple, a man who is a woman, policeman etc…).
The first season was a gret succes, and for this year, the show is going to last 3 months, 15 000 euros for each per week and  1 elimination each too. Videos (tons edited every day, and saturdays primes) are available worldwide here if you are interrested with .

Below the candidates pictures

1 2


The first A320 aircraft assembled outside Europe in the Airbus Final Assembly Line China (FALC) successfully completed its first flight today. The aircraft took off from Tianjin International Airport at 10:42 am and landed at 14:56. The four hour and fourteen minute test flight was jointly captained by Harry Nelson, Vice President Production Flight Tests and by Experimental Test Pilot Philippe Pellerin. The other crew members were Senior Vice President Flight & Integration Tests Fernando Alonso and Zidan Ren, the first Chinese Flight Test Engineer trained by Airbus as well as Cabin Engineer Eric Garcia.

Multimedia Alarm Clock

Multimedia clock radio : Pearl.fr sells a multimedia alarm clock with a 3.5 TFT screen who gives the ability of listenning to MP3 (via external memory card or 2Gb inside internal memory), watching videos (MP4, AVI, Xvid) and photos, like a diaporama. Price of the item is 65 Euros. follow this link (french).


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