Audio for the Weekend

(in order) Glad to propose you soundperfect.  leave comments 😉

Pop Life

Hi Friend


Still Alive

Napalm Love

Perfect Blue Sky

Between These Walls

It’s love trippin

Working Day and Night

2 Million Ways

I Kissed A Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl

Perfect sound music good – leave comments !

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Une Réponse to “Audio for the Weekend”

  1. netedit Says:

    Letter to Jaana…

    Hello there,

    As i told earlier,, i am writing some words to you…Ok, i’ve been working during this day, and am pretty
    stressed…and weather here is real hot like 28 degrees celsuis and big storms violents tonight…it is beginning now.I like storms and weather, especially in bed, feeling to be smallsmall small…I saw your pictures, and am pretty amazed by yourdifferent hobbies, travelling s i saw with your beautiful son, girlsare going to be mad with such beautiful bleu eyes… think you got the same, right ? I saw too that you were like a professional Dancer, rock dancer ? am i correct ? i don’t want to say stupid things so i’ll wait for you to confirm…

    I like your younger pictures in the sona, or with the little toys, so cute… So your mum is from Sweden and your dad from Finland, your homeland…you said that both countries are pretty the same, i did not know that, i thought, Finland was more like Russia than Sweden, with autonom image or culture, it’s pretty amazing.You asked how often i heard about your country, well first of all and don’t laugh, i know that Nokia is from your country !!! a good start ? and that your history is common with Russia and Sweden as you said. The population has German origins, right ?And the girls (you!) are awsome !! It seems that Finland is located in the polar zone, as parts of Sweden, but i am not sure.If yes, you had to regulate days and nights. you have a common border with Russia, and Sweden at the north. Is it the country of the Sami people ? amazing and interresting.

    You live in a small town, it must be great to live in the middle of the nature, with snow in winter, and dominant green colour with sunny days.How far is your town from Helsinki ? I am a believer of Europe, i need to ask you, do you use the Euro money of the euro zone ? I saw on your fbook pictures albums some skiing pictures . Do you like it ? i do ski, alpine ski, and i have a certificate, i passed younger, who can gives acces to the job of skiing monitor here. you’ll have to see how great are the domains here, really huge, always snowy…perfect for skiing lovers. It’s funny to talk about origins, my grand parents (dad side) are from Russia (St Petersburg), they were white Russian (kind of aristocraty) and had to move because of Tsar death and Revolution, then they came here in France and didn’tmoved back. Other part of my family is from Britany, west of France ( google maps here : w&split=0 ), and i am born in Paris. I have natural language learnt at shcool for English, Spanish and Dutch (netherlands, not German), and i love to go to Holland for weekends, Netherlands and me, it’s a love story.I’ll explain you, more if you like, and hope to read you soon. Well, i’ll do more words later, i am really tired right now, the day was busy busy busy, so greetings for you and take care Jaana.


    ps : how do you call france in Finnsih ?

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